On Elizabeth I and the Catholics of England

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This is Harvington Hall, outside Birmingham, which I recently visited: a recusant home, where priests were sheltered from the government and where no priest was ever taken captive. This article from the blog Supremacy and Survival mentions mentions a May 2014 entry from the BBC History magazine. As we commemorate in these days the martyrdom of S. John Wall (the Franciscan priest who worked in the Midlands), it seems interesting to note that not all of the ‘hides’ built by such engineers as S. Nicholas Owen to hide Catholic priests from the authorities in the time of Queen Elizabeth have been found.


Once in a while, we get a glimpse of the brutality of the treatment of the early Christians

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…and we start to realise that what is happening today, shocking though it be, is not new at all. This is S. Bartholomew, one of the Twelve, the inner circle of the disciples of Christ, sent out as an Apostle. His mandate was India but he returned to Armenia. His success there with making new converts to the Faith led to his being skinned alive and then beheaded.

Portuguese School; The Flaying of Saint Bartholomew; Wellcome Library; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/the-flaying-of-saint-bartholomew-126172

Portuguese School: the Flaying of Saint Bartholomew

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Draw horses

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Another random video. Highly detailed and rather long (an hour and a half), so beware.


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What we already know but our betters will not acknowledge…

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…that there is a systematic extermination of Christians in the middle East, wherever such a thing is possible. The word for this type of attack on a whole people is ‘genocide.’ Pray for our people, hideously persecuted.

Our old friend, Mgr. Knox, his tombstone

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Interesting – “I used to not leave home without my gun, now I do not leave without my rosary”

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