S. Marguerite-Marie Alacoque: feast day the 16th of October

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It was to her that the revelation of the Sacred Heart was made. Read more about that here.

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We’re looking at a long, cooold winter

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Every year almost, they tell us that it’s going to be the coldest winter in however many tens or hundreds of years. Well, we’ve survived them yet and we’ll survive this one, also. Meanwhile, here’s a nice Zits comic strip which illustrates parental control of the thermostat device in the home. I shall not reproduce it, for fear that the syndicate will descend upon this poor little blog. Click the link.

Yesterday was important for me

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Because it was the 99th anniversary of the last of the apparitions at Fátima in Portugal, when our Lady was able to arrange for an extraordinary miracle in the natural order. Learn about it here and here. For us here in England, it was also the very significant feast day of S. Edward, King.

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We’re going to get more and more splendid views of supreme architecture

October 8, 2016 Leave a comment

…with the help of miniaturised drones and the cameras they are built to carry. Witness this nice video of the Mont S. Michel, the strategic island fortress in Normandy, France. More on the structure here.

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Some commentary on the BBC show, “A world without Down’s?”

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No, not from me. I know very little about the medical condition itself and about the great care that the relatives and carers of Down’s patients provide on a regular basis. However, I am aware of the movement against the eugenics targeting Down’s sufferers and the fight to provide for the dignity of human life from conception to natural death. This is, of course, central to the mission of the Catholic Church, although it is a more general struggle also among all men and women of good will.

But more from the Catholic Herald:

“…it is futile to predict what the future will hold for the child you are carrying, or how you will respond when they are born, so the most natural thing (rather than the invasive and eugenic response) is to let nature take its course. The pressures of modern society won’t let us do this. Ignorance is not necessarily bliss, but it can sometimes trigger a more humane response, as in the mother who once said to me, “If I had known my little boy had Down’s before he was born, I would probably have aborted him – but now (gazing at her cheeky 2-year-old in a pair of too-large jeans) it would be unthinkable.””

The show itself is briefly available to view on the BBC iPlayer here.

Greetings from the Cathedral

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It’s not easy to see the cathedral from way up there, in the Derbyshire hills. But we’ve got our eye on you all. Many blessings to our parishioners in Glossop and the High Peak.

Purgatory illustrated

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Now this is a very interesting graphic. Let’s have a quick look now and then a long, meditative glance later. The Saints in heaven intercede for us on earth and for souls in purgatory, bringing graces to us and relief to them. We and the souls in purgatory in our turn return prayer and thanksgiving to heaven. Meanwhile we here on earth make suffrage for the souls in purgatory and gain indulgences for them, in so far as we can. They beg it of us and are thankful for it.

The Year of Mercy draws to a close. Pray for the Church Suffering in purgatory now, and as long as you can. One day, you and I may be among them.